The Defenders Was Weak

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And I totally blame the directors.  The writing wasn’t awesome, but I’ve put up with worse.  The actors are good, but most of them have been better elsewhere.  The fight scenes were often awesome.  But the directing was weak.

I really had high hopes that The Defenders would be good mostly because season 2 of Daredevil had been good. « Read the rest of this entry »


The Spoils of Patience

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That Game of Thrones, right?

I only got into The Game of Thrones this year, and the reasons I waited are part of the pitfalls of being a writer: you know what’s going to happen next.  My wife hates watching detective show with me because I always know who the killer is right at the beginning.  We watched that show Castle nigh religiously, and 99.9% of the time I knew who the killer was within the first three scenes.

When Game of Thrones first because popular, I tried the first episode, and I tried reading the first novel; but I had to put them all down.   « Read the rest of this entry »

Consolidation at the End of the World

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In a bold move, Comcast is acquiring Time Warner Cable, according to a Variety report.

Notably, Comcast will gain a big presence in the nation’s top two TV markets New York and Los Angeles. In L.A., it also inherits Time Warner Cable’s megabucks bets on two startup regional spots [sic] networks dedicated to the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers, respectively.

All told, Comcast will have presence in 19 of the nation’s top 20 markets. Execs from both camps will work together to determine which markets will be divested but none have been identified yet.

Naturally, media watchdog groups are crying “Monopoly!” and regulatory agencies are no doubt waiting to pounce – and who can blame them?  But in the end, in a world where the internet makes cable TV completely unnecessary for consumers (me, for instance) this merger will simply help Time Warner survive.


What I’m Watching: The Fades

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I’m loving me some Agents of SHIELD, and if you are, too, you’ll probably also dig The Fades.

Starring Iain De Caestecker, who plays Fitz in Agents of SHIELD, The Fades is about a kid who can see dead people and who is probably the world’s single best hope at saving the world from the apocalypse.  He also sprouts wings when he orgasms.  It’s a superpower.

If you couldn’t tell from the footage, the series aired on BBC America in 2011, but you can watch it now on Hulu Plus.  The series also features Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones and Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

The Headless Horseman Rides Again!

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So you know how if you live in or near Philadelphia, you have to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?  (Well, you do.)   If you live in Westchester (or Rockland or Duchess) County, New York, you have to watch Sleepy Hollow!

The pilot was pretty good, but for people from the area of the real Sleepy Hollow, which is absolutely not spooky in any way, it’s the local sites dressed up to look scary that’s fun to see – like the Tappan Zee Bridge!  Now, it’s not just a toll hike you have to be scared of!  BWAA-HA-HA!  (That’s my spooky laugh.)

Chick Shoots Pencil Eraser

September 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

For those of you who don’t know about firearms, this is a REALLY difficult shot.  Especially from a standing position.  With an aperture sight.

Boom.  People who get their firearms education from primetime TV think that shooting is easy.  Kirsten Joy Weiss makes it look like it is.

This video is reblogged from TTAG.

So You Think You Are Racist

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As So You Think You Can Dance keeps rolling along, I’d like to point out the racist garbage that turned me off of the show a couple years ago.  This blatant fetishizing and objectification of the Asian female is sexist in addition to being racist.  The number of compliments that this dance received online (click through to see the Youtube comments) only highlights that American society largely condones this stereotype.

Because you have to know it’s a stereotype, right, America?  You can’t actually think that Asian women are like this.  Oh, yeah.  You also think they fight with swords all the time.

You might “Think You Can Dance,” but you’re actually just racist.

Build Your Own Time Machine!

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TARDIS Builders is a forum where people pool their knowledge to help one another build the ultimate replica TARDIS!  And if you don’t need a giant, blue box, TARDIS Builders can also help you build the perfect TARDIS console!  Dr. Who cosplay must be a different site.

A mostly-done TARDIS.

TARDIS chicken coop.

Plans for a Season 14 wooden console

Technically, if you climbed into one of these you’d just travel forward in time at the same rate as everybody else, but you’d look cooler (geekier?) doing it.

Friday Night Links – 24 May 2013

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Your weekly round-up from around the interweb.

Indiewire has stills from Jim Jarmusch’s vampire flick, Only Lovers Left Alive, in competition at Cannes!

The Atlantic laments the fall of charm, as if it was that commonplace in the good ol’ days.

Only the self-aware can have charm: It’s bound up with a sensibility that at best approaches wisdom, or at least worldliness, and at worst goes well beyond cynicism. It can’t exist in the undeveloped personality. It’s an attribute foreign to many men because most are, for better and for worse, childlike. These days, it’s far more common among men over 70—probably owing to the era in which they reached maturity rather than to the mere fact of their advanced years.

I just discovered Blake and Mortimer, a sci-fi comic book (and later cartoon) cousin to The Adventures of Tintin.  Check out the opening credits of the TV show:


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Found this video via a Richard Branson blog post on how to be a real leader.  It’s kind of funnier with no more context than that.

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