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As a rule, I try not to get too political in social media, and definitely not on this website.  But after I spent a year working on an interactive fiction (IF) game that explores Latin American issues, a well-known IF writer dismiss it as racist without even having read it.  So, I have decided, f*ck it.  I’ll state a few political opinions here that relate to “geek culture” and its obsessions with Political Correctness.  I can’t promise I’ll never do it again, but I’ll try.

So this is old news, but Dr. Who is now a woman.  Great for her.   « Read the rest of this entry »


MetaMorphosis #3 Is Finally Here!

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Zombies, Kafka, and sex! Oh, my!

After a long delay due to some technical issues, MetaMorphosis #3 has finally arrived on comiXology.  Our horny sociopath Greta has figured out a way to keep her brother Gregor well-fed, but she can see that a lifetime caring for a zombie makes for a pretty bleak future. « Read the rest of this entry »

The Trees Are Coming!

February 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

Through his newsletter, Warren Ellis has confirmed that he and Scatterlands collaborator Jason Howard are working on an Image title called Trees.

According to Ellis’ newsletter:

I’m finishing issue 4 today — Jason’s doing layouts on the first half while I fix a sticking point in the last half, and that’ll go out tonight or tomorrow. By the time May rolls around, we should have six complete lettered coloured issues in the can. We’ve been working on it since the early autumn of 2013, after all.

Plot-wise, it sounds like a bunch of trees have invaded Earth. Kind of like Triffids.  But more subtle.  And not real.

There’s more on the Ellis/Howard project at CBR.

Neil Gaiman for the Kiddies

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From the Sketchpad: Captain America

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More experiments in ink-wash, this time with Captain America.  I wanted to see how the technique might look with a comic book-style pinup, but I also wanted to try some sumi-e on an urban setting.

Captain America

Though I want to create a ink-wash comic style looser than Ditko’s and Thomas Yeates’, this is a bit muddy for my taste.  I didn’t really plan out the background as well as I should have, and the sky also looks like shit.  I should’ve just keep the natural elements with the sumi-e style brushwork, and using the crow quill more in the foreground.

(That fist also reminds me a lot of Sam Kieth.  I’ll probably try to go more cartoon-like in my character design.)

From the Sketchpad: Amazonia Ink Wash

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Just an ink wash doodle I turned into a one-sheet for Amazonia, a documentary I’m producing alongside director Juan Vallejo.

© Lewis Manalo 2013

© Lewis Manalo 2013

If you haven’t seen my other posts, I’m working at learning to ink for my comics.  For masterful ink wash in comics, you need look no further than Steve Ditko.

Top Shelf Sale at ComiXology!

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I love Top Shelf.  Owned and operated by Chris Staros and Brett Warnock, they’re just one of the great small press comic book publishers ever.  They’ve got all that Alan Moore stuff, including From Hell, they publish Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire, and their kids stuff is always fun.  And through November 17th, a bunch of their stuff is on sale at a huge discount from ComiXology.

I swear nobody at Top Shelf or ComiXology is paying for me to tell you to get this stuff.  I sincerely think it’s just awesome, and if you want to buy $3 Alan Moore graphic novels, this is the way to do it.  The awesome Infinite Kung-Fu is also a huge book that’s just easier to carry if you buy it digitally.

(And if you’re on ComiXology anyway, buy my comic, too).

What I’m Reading: X-Men: Battle of the Atom

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X-Men: Battle of the Atom was the big crossover event to mark the 50th anniversary of the X-Men.  The original X-Men team from the 1960s, the featured cast of the monthly All-New X-Men, have been in the present time since Marvel NOW! began.  To be as spoiler-free as possible, Battle of the Atom begins with some of the present day X-Men trying to send the originals back to their own time, though they don’t all want to go.  Then some X-Men from the future arrive, and then some other X-Men from the future arrive.  Then everybody fights.

If that sounds confusing, you’re not a regular reader of the X-Men comic book line, where time travel has become a really annoying staple of the series.  And if you are a regular X-Men reader, you were probably disappointed with Battle of the Atom. The fact is, other than the addition of a few more characters to the Marvel Universe, nothing really major happens in this crossover.  The few glimpses of the future that the crossover provides clearly illustrates that the X-Men of the future are still doing what the X-Men do best:  fighting each other.

By the end of the crossover, I had missed a few characters’ deaths, and I couldn’t keep track of who was good or bad.  It wasn’t because the story was hard to follow, but because I didn’t care.  Your superhero team doesn’t matter if it spend more time fighting itself than it does fighting the bad guys.


What I’m Watching: The Fades

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I’m loving me some Agents of SHIELD, and if you are, too, you’ll probably also dig The Fades.

Starring Iain De Caestecker, who plays Fitz in Agents of SHIELD, The Fades is about a kid who can see dead people and who is probably the world’s single best hope at saving the world from the apocalypse.  He also sprouts wings when he orgasms.  It’s a superpower.

If you couldn’t tell from the footage, the series aired on BBC America in 2011, but you can watch it now on Hulu Plus.  The series also features Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones and Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

What I’m Reading: Then Sandman: Overture #1

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The long-awaited prequel to Neil Gaiman’s comic book classic The Sandman is out today! Gaiman’s plan is to use The Sandman: Overture to tell the story of what made it possible for Morpheus to be captured in The Sandman #1.

There are some pretty cool variant covers for Overture #1, too.  Check out CBR for a look at Jim Lee’s cover for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

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