WATCH: The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh

A nerdy romance about the end of human history…

The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh from Lewis Manalo on Vimeo.

“The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh” has won the Neo Sci-Fi Award at  the 2012 ConCarolinas Short Film Festival!

(That’s right.  The trophy’s a laser gun.)


Told in an ironic, lo-fi style, The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh is a science fiction short about the first person to download his mind onto a computer.

A scientist named Martin Papier performs experimental research on the mind of a child-like young man named Howard Nimh. As Howard’s intelligence grows, what began as simple analysis changes the lives of Martin and his wife and ultimately transforms the world.

Director Statement

We live in an era where many people celebrate the speed and accessibility of technology. Whether it be our smart phones, our computer tablets, or our cloud computing, technology surrounds us as an integral part of our way of life. Even if an individual chooses not to directly interact with said technologies, these innovations are constantly changing the way our societies run.

Following our technological progress through one possible course, futurists such as Raymond Kurzweil and Vernon Vinge predict the arrival of a smarter-than-human intelligence, an event dubbed the “technological singularity.” With some other intelligence dominating the globe, humankind would be faced with something akin to the end of its history.

Using the form of the popular documentary and an ironic use of associative montage to examine this piece of scientific speculation, “The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh” explores how anticipating the end of history can tell us about how we conceive of history, how the way that we look at the future reflects how we choose to look at the past. And since there’s no saying that the end of human history won’t be fun or filled with romance, I want to throw a few spoonfuls of that into the story as well.

Production Stills

Martin Papier (Erozan Kurtas) tinkers with the mind of Howard Nimh (Joshua A. Kashinsky).

An intimiate moment between Helen Papier (Michelle Fadem Kashinsky) and Howard Nimh (Joshua A. Kashinsky).

DP Juan Vallejo and director Lewis Manalo set up the shot.

The NIMH II nonlinear computer, under construction.

Howard’s micro drive, basically a souped-up flash drive that connects with his brain.

Main Cast and Crew

Joshua A. Kashinsky, “Howard Nimh”
Joshua A. Kashinsky is a theater director and producer whose recent work includes the off-Broadway musical Honestly Abe. As a playwright, his work has been seen in California, New York, Maine and Ontario. Josh is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received his MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild.

Erozan Kurtas, “Martin Papier”

Michelle Fadem Kashinsky, “Helen Papier”
Michelle Fadem Kashinsky received her MFA and BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in Dramatic Writing. Her plays include short works produced and published through manhattantheatresource’s Estrogenius festival and productions by the New GeorgeStreet Playhouse Instant Theater Production, GenXGenY, and the Producer’s Club, NYC. She is an active member of The Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.

Jason Bergenfeld, Producer/”Jacob Renfield”
Jason Bergenfeld is a writer/producer who has worked on a number of films and television series from the Japanese animation sensation Pokemon to the Adult Swim smash hit Bleach. He is a graduate of the NYU Dramatic Writing Program.

Annabelle Bergenfeld, “Dr. Caroline Sassoon”

Lewis Manalo, Writer/Producer/Director/Editor
A writer and filmmaker, Lewis Manalo has directed films that include the short “a private moment”, which screened at the 1999 New York International Film and Video Festival, and the 2006 feature-length documentary Blood and Earth. His novel The Sins of Swann Mercury was published in 2007, and his short fiction has appeared in Guernica Magazine and other literary magazines.

Juan Vallejo, Cinematographer/DP
Juan Vallejo is a U.S.–born, Colombian–raised filmmaker and cinematographer. His feature-length documentary Cerro Rico, Tierra Rica premiered at the Valdivia International Film Festival (Chile) in October 2011. He recently obtained an MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

“The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh” is a Princess Revolver Production, © 2011
Runtime: 15 minutes, 30 seconds
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