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Please enjoy some examples of my work!

Preview from Mnemosynea 90-page graphic novel:

For thirty years, William Dante, “The World’s Greatest Detective,” has suffered from amnesia.  Now his memory is coming back, and secrets that should have stayed hidden are coming to light.  Sifting through the fragmented memories of his childhood in Spain, of his battles with terrorists, and of the murder of his wife, William Dante will discover that choosing to do the right thing doesn’t always make you the hero.

An adventure that spans from the deserts of Afghanistan to the jungles of Colombia, MNEMOSYNE is a graphic novel set in an alternate 21st Century where a cunning detective can take on the War on Terror and the War on Drugs with nothing more than solid deductive reasoning – and a .45 caliber pistol.











Below is a preview of the graphic novel Jesus Must Die, forthcoming from Under Belly Comics:

JesusMustDie_01Sample JesusMustDie_02Sample JesusMustDie_03Sample JesusMustDie_04Sample JesusMustDie_05Sample JesusMustDie_06Sample JesusMustDie_07Sample JesusMustDie_08Sample

Other work:


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