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A couple years ago I shot a short test fight when I was developing a ninja zombies movie.  The main thing I learned from that test was that knowing how to act for the camera was eons more important than knowing how to fight.

I re-cut the scene a few days ago for fun, tightening up the rhythm and adding a beat.  I probably won’t go back to this project just yet, but I’m still learning from the attempt.  Enjoy!



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Slice Girls: Fight Test is a sample scene that we shot for development of the horror-action film Slice Girls, a film about a handful of teenage girls who fight some undead ninjas.

We wanted to stretch the possibilities of the style we intend to use for the fight scenes, looking for ways in which choreography can entertain as it tells our story and depicts our characters. The fighting here will be used in the scene that introduces the main characters.

With the low budget of the project, we are attempting to create a style for our fight scenes that can be as thrilling as possible yet still remain relatively affordable to shoot. We also knew that we wanted our actors to perform as much of their own fight scenes as much as possible. I cast two actors for the Fight Test who had no martial arts experience to speak of. By their third (and final) hour-long lesson I had them doing some controlled sparring.

Though stylized for cinema, we wanted the choreography to be grounded in reality.  A more rough and tumble feel brings a more visceral experience to the audience. Hopefully, some of the hits in our fight will rattle the viewer in his seat.

Storyboards followed the choreography, and we opted for a John Woo-like blend of Hollywood musical and Japanese chanbara to aim for a sense of heightened reality.  On our three-hour shoot, we burned through nearly fifty set-ups. (Oh, the benefits of video.)  We’ll let you judge the results for yourself.

Thanks for watching.  Feel free to contact us at for inquiries about the Fight Test or the horror-action film Slice Girls, currently in development.

Maria Alegre
Jessica Frey

Tony Nigro

Director & Choreographer
Lewis Manalo

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