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Not my photo of a tambaqui.

For the 15 of you reading my infrequent posts, Sunday saw Pisco Films wrapping up yet another day of shooting the documentary Amazonia.  This trip is meant to be our last for this project, a documentary about communities in the Amazon River Basin, which began nearly 3(!) years ago.

Day 2 brought an unexpected aerial shoot over Manaus, Brazil. (Unexpected because we were offered a deal on a plane ride through a guy who knew a guy, and it was so affordable we couldn’t say “no.”) For a “professional” aerial shot you’d put the camera in a gyro or some such thing and remote control technology something, but with our meager means, we slapped the GoPro on the wing of the Cessna and the director hung out the doorway with another video camera. (Photos will follow eventually. I think.)

The afternoon was equally awesome, as some new friends of our invited us to their weekly family gathering. Not only did they allow us to film some good family scenes, but they let us drink their fresh copoazu juice and eat their grilled tambaqui.

Yes, filmmaking is a tough, tough job, but somebody’s got to eat the tambaqui.


New AMAZONIA Trailer!

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We’ve still got a bit more to shoot for this documentary, but we’ve cut a trailer from the footage we have for use in grant applications.  You’d better watch it full-screen, because it is EPIC.

Visit for more info on the film!


Amazonia from Juan Vallejo on Vimeo.

New Amazonia Clip!

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A new clip from Amazonia, a film I’m producing directed by Juan Vallejo.

Paloma, the girl in the clip, is 3-years-old.

AMAZONIA CLIP – #4 Jugando – Fast Learning in the Amazon – San Martin, Amazonas, Colombia, PISCO FILMS from Juan Vallejo on Vimeo.


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Back from the Amazon!

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I got back from the Amazon, and this time, I didn’t even get a rash!

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Check out some more still photos from the shoot on!

Off to the Amazon!

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I’m off to the South America for my continuing work on Juan Valljo’s documentary Amazonia.  I won’t be posting here, but (hopefully we’ll have an internet connection) you can follow our Facebook page for updates on the shoot.  We’ll be exploring more urban areas in the Amazon River Basin, so I expect to encounter a different kind of wildlife!

See you in the New Year!

PS – Go see The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.  It’s the best movie to see before you go off to spend New Year’s Eve at a Colombian border town.

From the Sketchpad: Amazonia Ink Wash

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Just an ink wash doodle I turned into a one-sheet for Amazonia, a documentary I’m producing alongside director Juan Vallejo.

© Lewis Manalo 2013

© Lewis Manalo 2013

If you haven’t seen my other posts, I’m working at learning to ink for my comics.  For masterful ink wash in comics, you need look no further than Steve Ditko.

Amazonia Still Photos!

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I didn’t have it in me to post anything more about comic books today, so in case you haven’t seen clicked the link on the side to the website for Amazonia, click through to check out some still photos from the shoot in Colombia earlier this month!


Directed by Juan Vallejo, Amazonia is a documentary I’m producing about communities living in the Amazon River Basin.  The director, DP, and I spent a week living in a village with indigenous Ticuna people.  The heat, humidity, lack of running water, and the remote location made it a little bit hard, but overall, it was a pretty freakin’ awesome experience.

We’re planning to shoot in a couple more locations: Manaus, Brazil, a city in the middle of the Amazon jungle that’s the size of Houston Texas; and the Altamira, Brazil, site of the Belo Monte Dam, which will be the world’s third largest hydroelectric dam.

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Brooklyn Film Festival 2013

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The sixteenth Brooklyn Film Festival opens tomorrow, May 31st! Check out Basil Tsiokos‘ blog entry for more info on the documentaries.

Saturday, June 8th, Juan Vallejo and I will be taking part in the 2013 BFF Exchange, where we’ll be pitching our documentary Amazonia to a “panel of  industry insiders” (including Basil Tsiokos) to get some feedback on our ideas.  I’m hoping we’ll get some ideas on marketing and distribution.  Like Ted Hope writes, the problem these days isn’t how to get your film made, it’s how to get your film seen.

Amazonia depicts four distinct communities in the Amazon River Basin, and through the lives of the people living there, the fisherman, the loggers, the children, the film explores the clash between preservation and development in the South American rainforest.

Below are some rough cut scenes from the film.

Wish us luck!

Check out AMAZONIA

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Princess Revolver is pleased to be involved in the production of Amazonia a feature-length documentary about communities living in the Amazon River Basin:

Shot in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, AMAZONIA is a documentary that focuses on on the current clash between preservation and development in the South American rainforest, offering a series of four vignettes on four rivers of the Amazon River Basin.

On the Xingu, the largest dam in the world is being built, draining 70 miles of  river life and displacing close to sixty thousand settlers and indigenous people.  On the banks of the Rio Negro stands the bustling city of Manaus, where two million inhabitants thrive in the center of the rainforest.  On the Amacayacu River, 400 indigenous people struggle to maintain their cultural heritage while opening their society to the world.  And tying them all together, is the great Amazon River.

We’re happy to be working with director Juan Vallejo whose last feature-length documentary, Cerro Rica, Tierra Ricawas selected for over eleven international film festivals.

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