Inking Complete!

June 24, 2015 § Leave a comment


Inking is finally complete on my latest graphic novel, a gripping tale of international intrigue and mystery that I have yet to name. For now I’ve been calling by the codename “Project Orbiter”, but that’s only because it sounds cooler than “Untitled.”

This is the same 90-page project
I started as the 40 Day Graphic Novel. For those of you who aren’t my six regular readers, the 40 Day Graphic Novel aimed to ge the line art onto bristol in 40 days – which I failed to do;  however, I did get the jump on a lot of the creative heavy lifting.

Next steps are to scan the pages, add screen tones with Manga Studio, then letter each page. I’m hoping to be done by the end of November, but I’m already two months behind on the inking, so don’t hold your breath.  (Cut me some slack. I just went Brazil, dude.)

And in the near future keep an eye out for my graphic novel JESUS MUST DIE, from Under Belly Comics. There may be a  Kickstarter campaign to fund its publication later this Summer.

Now to celebrate inking stage: complete!


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