MetaMorphosis #3 Is Finally Here!

July 16, 2014 § Leave a comment



Zombies, Kafka, and sex! Oh, my!

After a long delay due to some technical issues, MetaMorphosis #3 has finally arrived on comiXology.  Our horny sociopath Greta has figured out a way to keep her brother Gregor well-fed, but she can see that a lifetime caring for a zombie makes for a pretty bleak future.

This is the last issue of the miniseries, and it kind of blows my mind to look at it now, so many months after I started it.  Making MetaMorphosis was a real process in experimentation and learning the craft of comics. You can look forward to more comics from me with my newest graphic novel, Jesus Must Die.  (I’m going to hunt down a publisher for this one.  The goal is a tactile product).  

Get all three issues of MetaMorphosis on comiXology for less than five bucks.  Thanks, and be sure to recommend it to that vulgar girl you know.


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