The Trees Are Coming!

February 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

Through his newsletter, Warren Ellis has confirmed that he and Scatterlands collaborator Jason Howard are working on an Image title called Trees.

According to Ellis’ newsletter:

I’m finishing issue 4 today — Jason’s doing layouts on the first half while I fix a sticking point in the last half, and that’ll go out tonight or tomorrow. By the time May rolls around, we should have six complete lettered coloured issues in the can. We’ve been working on it since the early autumn of 2013, after all.

Plot-wise, it sounds like a bunch of trees have invaded Earth. Kind of like Triffids.  But more subtle.  And not real.

There’s more on the Ellis/Howard project at CBR.


RIP Harold Ramis, 1944-2014

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New Amazonia Clip!

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A new clip from Amazonia, a film I’m producing directed by Juan Vallejo.

Paloma, the girl in the clip, is 3-years-old.

AMAZONIA CLIP – #4 Jugando – Fast Learning in the Amazon – San Martin, Amazonas, Colombia, PISCO FILMS from Juan Vallejo on Vimeo.


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Trancendence v. Howard Nimh

February 19, 2014 § 1 Comment

So, when you watch that Johnny Depp movie about the first person to download his mind into a computer, just remember that I made mine first.

Okay, I know there’s no way that this Johnny Depp movie copied my movie, but I’m claiming the similarities as evidence of the Transmorphic Field (a kind of “telepathic-type” field that everyone’s a part of.  Watch Torchwood).

Check out The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh!

The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh from Lewis Manalo on Vimeo.

Guardians Teaser Trailer!

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Via Nerdist:

Why do actors always buff-up for roles now?  Remember when they used to get fat for roles?

Unforgiven With Katana

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Chanbara (samurai) movies remade as Westerns, Westerns remade as chanbara… To my memory it’s been a while, and this remake of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven is long overdue.

Damn, that looks awesome.

Consolidation at the End of the World

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In a bold move, Comcast is acquiring Time Warner Cable, according to a Variety report.

Notably, Comcast will gain a big presence in the nation’s top two TV markets New York and Los Angeles. In L.A., it also inherits Time Warner Cable’s megabucks bets on two startup regional spots [sic] networks dedicated to the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers, respectively.

All told, Comcast will have presence in 19 of the nation’s top 20 markets. Execs from both camps will work together to determine which markets will be divested but none have been identified yet.

Naturally, media watchdog groups are crying “Monopoly!” and regulatory agencies are no doubt waiting to pounce – and who can blame them?  But in the end, in a world where the internet makes cable TV completely unnecessary for consumers (me, for instance) this merger will simply help Time Warner survive.


Neil Gaiman for the Kiddies

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I Have to See Vampire Academy

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I can’t help it.  I thought I was all vampired-out with the  Twilight and the Underworld and the Dario Argento’s Dracula in 3D, but apparently, I’m not.  It doesn’t hurt that Vampire Academy is directed by Mark Waters of House of Yes and Mean Girls; but Zoey Deutch, the human bodyguard, is the daughter of Howard Deutch, director of teen classics Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful, and Lea Thompson, from Red Dawn and Back to the Future trilogy; and that just makes me nostalgic for a time when movies like this one were made for me.

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