What I’m Reading: Empire of the Dead

January 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

I don’t know if George Romero has ever wished he had become known for something other than zombie stories, but, damn, he does them well.  The first issue of his new comic Empire of the Dead: Act One is full of promise.

Five years after zombies first made their gory appearance, something like a society has survived in New York City.  In certain neighborhoods, zombies are still a threat, and in other parts of twon, zombies provide gruesome entertainment.  Rather than the simple survival-horror that so many zombie stories are (Romero’s included) Empire of the Dead seems headed for a more directly political angle, featuring politicians who are secretly vampires.  That’s right: vampires.

There are other changes in our monster menagerie, as some of the zombies have noticeable signs of intelligence.  They all can be trained, but some of them play checkers.  One zombie in particular has her own THOUGHT BUBBLES.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that Romero could deliver something new to the genre that he created, but I’ll be checking out this floppy every month.  Empire of the Dead: Act One is an All-New Marvel comic (but it appears to exist in its own universe, without X-Men or Avengers, normal or zombie.)


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