Warren Ellis Knows All the Cool Scientists

July 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

A guest post from Professor E. Paul Zehr on Warren Ellis blog reveals how one day we might all have Wolverine claws!  Some MIT researchers have been looking into strengthening the attachments of titanium, often used in joint replacements, to bone.

What this team discovered was that they could stimulate better growth between bone and titanium by using a special superglue adhesive in rats… the basic concept was to trick the body into thinking the titanium implant was bone (or at least bone-like).

This was accomplished by making many, many, ultra-thin layers that then worked like superglue to help get bone cells to grow together. This worked much better than conventional bone cement that has a more brittle and less stable outcome. It’s kind of like really good double-sided tape.

I guess that doesn’t cover how to retract the claws or how to keep yourself from cutting yourself with claws while you drive your car or dance with buddies, but it’s a start.

Clawed Gangam Style can be hazardous without expert supervision.

Read the full post here.


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