X-Factor Paternity Tests! [SPOILERS!]

July 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Keeping with this week’s comic book theme (in reference to San Diego Comic Con) I’m highlighting this month’s issue of X-Factor. I haven’t read this book for a long time. Back in the day I read the first issues that were all about the “original” X-Men and the Sentinels and Jean Grey was dead and… you’d only care if you read comics.

If you do read comics and if you care about X-Men paternity tests, stop reading now and go buy X-Factor #259, otherwise SHATTERSTAR IS DAZZLER AND LONGSHOT’S BABY! As far as the Marvel Universe goes, it’s not really that far out.  It was hinted at for years, but was only confirmed this month.

If you want to talk crazy paternity issues, you’ve got to look at Cable and Stryfe. I still can’t figure that one out. And I still can’t understand where Alex “Havoc” Summers, Cyclops’ brother, came from.  And what’s up with Wolverine’s clone X-23?  And how many characters has Mystique been a mother to?

The takeaway here is that if you think your family’s nuts, sh*t’s really crazy in the Marvel Universe.


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