Boycott Ender’s Game?

July 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

“Your eyebrows are suspiciously well-manicured.”

There’s a proposed boycott of the upcoming Ender’s Game film because it’s adapted from a book by passionate homophobe Orson Scott Card.  I’m not that interested in the film anyway, but the proposed boycott brings up some issues.  How and when do we decide to avoid a work because of the views of its creator?

This 2008 Wired article addressed the issue when Orson Scott Card made a particularly ignorant (and now infamous) anti-gay diatribe in the Mormon Times. Matt Blum points out that Roald Dahl was pretty anti-Semitic, but that didn’t keep people from watching – and enjoying –  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (To be fair, Roald Dahl probably hated everyone equally.) Despite his narrow-minded views, I can still appreciate Mel Gibson’s good work (of which there hasn’t been a lot lately).

I’ve avoided reading Orson Scott Card for years because of his intolerant views. Perhaps this is because, unlike Mel Gibson’s drunken verbal diarrhea, OSC put thoughtful effort into what he was writing about gay people. In the end, similar to what Blum proposes in his article, I simply have to gauge the quality of a work against how distasteful I find its creator.

I’ll let you decide for yourselves.  For me the answer of whether or not to see Ender’s Game is easy: I’m going to watch Thor: The Dark World instead.


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