MetaMorphosis #1 Now For Sale!

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MetaMorphosis #1 is now for sale on ComiXology!  Get your digital copy now for only 99 cents!  (If we are related in any way, you had better buy this.)

When a young war veteran wakes up one morning transformed into a zombie, his teenage sister begins luring men into their house for him to eat!  With dark humor, a dash of politics, and an expressive, minimalist style, MetaMorphosis is an indie horror comic with something to say.

I’ve optioned this comic for a film adaptation, and I’m currently working on rewrites of the script.  Read my original story here!  


So You Think You Are Racist

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As So You Think You Can Dance keeps rolling along, I’d like to point out the racist garbage that turned me off of the show a couple years ago.  This blatant fetishizing and objectification of the Asian female is sexist in addition to being racist.  The number of compliments that this dance received online (click through to see the Youtube comments) only highlights that American society largely condones this stereotype.

Because you have to know it’s a stereotype, right, America?  You can’t actually think that Asian women are like this.  Oh, yeah.  You also think they fight with swords all the time.

You might “Think You Can Dance,” but you’re actually just racist.

Build Your Own Time Machine!

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TARDIS Builders is a forum where people pool their knowledge to help one another build the ultimate replica TARDIS!  And if you don’t need a giant, blue box, TARDIS Builders can also help you build the perfect TARDIS console!  Dr. Who cosplay must be a different site.

A mostly-done TARDIS.

TARDIS chicken coop.

Plans for a Season 14 wooden console

Technically, if you climbed into one of these you’d just travel forward in time at the same rate as everybody else, but you’d look cooler (geekier?) doing it.

LiLo and Paul Schrader

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I never thought I’d see these two working together, but it looks like Lindsay Lohan stars in the new film directed by Paul Schrader (writer of Taxi Driver and other classics).

In this interview in Film CommentSchrader seems more than a little ambivalent about having LiLo in his film.

…Lindsay is a complicated subject.

I think the Adderall, more than anything else, is the problem. It’s a very fashionable drug in young Hollywood. It’s supposedly for attention deficit disorder. And it can be. But it is now a drug that is more abused than used. They use it for weight loss. They use it for energy. It’s basically a kind of speed. I never quite understood it. At 4 or 5 in the morning, people were trying to get out of her room. And she didn’t want them to leave. She didn’t want to be alone. I thought: “How do you do that without cocaine?” She’s not doing cocaine, I can tell. I know she’s not. I said I don’t know how she does it. Now I know [chuckles].

Seems like Schrader would be more comfortable if it was cocaine.  Also starring James Deen (Batman XXX: a Porn ParodyThe Canyons is slotted for an August 9th release.

Warren Ellis Knows All the Cool Scientists

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A guest post from Professor E. Paul Zehr on Warren Ellis blog reveals how one day we might all have Wolverine claws!  Some MIT researchers have been looking into strengthening the attachments of titanium, often used in joint replacements, to bone.

What this team discovered was that they could stimulate better growth between bone and titanium by using a special superglue adhesive in rats… the basic concept was to trick the body into thinking the titanium implant was bone (or at least bone-like).

This was accomplished by making many, many, ultra-thin layers that then worked like superglue to help get bone cells to grow together. This worked much better than conventional bone cement that has a more brittle and less stable outcome. It’s kind of like really good double-sided tape.

I guess that doesn’t cover how to retract the claws or how to keep yourself from cutting yourself with claws while you drive your car or dance with buddies, but it’s a start.

Clawed Gangam Style can be hazardous without expert supervision.

Read the full post here.

Amazonia Still Photos!

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I didn’t have it in me to post anything more about comic books today, so in case you haven’t seen clicked the link on the side to the website for Amazonia, click through to check out some still photos from the shoot in Colombia earlier this month!


Directed by Juan Vallejo, Amazonia is a documentary I’m producing about communities living in the Amazon River Basin.  The director, DP, and I spent a week living in a village with indigenous Ticuna people.  The heat, humidity, lack of running water, and the remote location made it a little bit hard, but overall, it was a pretty freakin’ awesome experience.

We’re planning to shoot in a couple more locations: Manaus, Brazil, a city in the middle of the Amazon jungle that’s the size of Houston Texas; and the Altamira, Brazil, site of the Belo Monte Dam, which will be the world’s third largest hydroelectric dam.

Follow Pisco Films’ Facebook page to keep up to date with the film!

X-Factor Paternity Tests! [SPOILERS!]

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Keeping with this week’s comic book theme (in reference to San Diego Comic Con) I’m highlighting this month’s issue of X-Factor. I haven’t read this book for a long time. Back in the day I read the first issues that were all about the “original” X-Men and the Sentinels and Jean Grey was dead and… you’d only care if you read comics.

If you do read comics and if you care about X-Men paternity tests, stop reading now and go buy X-Factor #259, otherwise SHATTERSTAR IS DAZZLER AND LONGSHOT’S BABY! As far as the Marvel Universe goes, it’s not really that far out.  It was hinted at for years, but was only confirmed this month.

If you want to talk crazy paternity issues, you’ve got to look at Cable and Stryfe. I still can’t figure that one out. And I still can’t understand where Alex “Havoc” Summers, Cyclops’ brother, came from.  And what’s up with Wolverine’s clone X-23?  And how many characters has Mystique been a mother to?

The takeaway here is that if you think your family’s nuts, sh*t’s really crazy in the Marvel Universe.

DC Forever Evil

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With all the enthusiasm for the San Diego Comic Con (which I am sadly not attending) publishers are teasing a lot of the products they’ll “reveal” at the con.  Forever Evil is the Big Event that DC Comics is starting to tease… and I don’t care.

Yes, I’m one of those comic book readers who really hates big cross-over event things; unfortunately for me, cross-over events have become the bread and butter for the Big Two (ie, DC and Marvel, the two companies whose movie adaptations you’ve probably seen). X-Cutioner’s Song, an X-Men cross-over event, is why I quit comics back when puberty hit. Big Events ask you to drop a whole lot of coin to read about characters you don’t really care about.  (If you did care about those characters, you’d already be reading their books.)

DC Comics’ current Big Event, Trinity War, is already enough to make me quit the New 52.  Actually, other than Batman, I’ve already quit the New 52.  Looks like I’ll be reading those new Vertigo titles instead.

What I’m Reading: MIND MGMT

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Matt Kindt is currently one of the busiest comic book writers in the industry, yet his name is no where to be seen on the final ballot for this year’s Harvey Awards.  I’m not complaining, seeing as how Only Living Boyone of my favorite indie comics from last year, received two nominations, but with a writer who’s work is rewarded by a ton more work, I’m a bit surprised.

Kindt’s MIND MGMT is a new discovery for me, and this tale of psychic spies is much more enjoyable and thought-provoking than any superhero comic from the Big Two.

Coming Soon: Trillium #1

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Other comic book fans may have called Superman Unchained or Batman/Superman “the most-anticipated comic book of 2013,” but for me, it has to be Jeff Lemire’s time-crossed love story Trillium. Set both in 3797’s deep space and 1921’s darkest Peru, the new mini-series by the creator of Sweet Tooth shows the writer/artist is still challenging himself.  Trillium #1 is set for an August 7th release.  See the preview at CBR.

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