You Seen: World War Z **SPOILERS

June 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m assuming you’ve already seen the movie if you’re reading this.  So are they really spoilers if you know what happened?  If you haven’t seen the movie, none of this will make sense.  Skip to the last paragraph.

I  agree with whatever objections were in most negative or measured reviews (no character arc, no gore, no ending); however, I enjoyed the movie well enough.  Sure, Brad Pitt’s character didn’t have an “arc,” but that’s only a recent requirement of our pulp heroes.  Before Daniel Craig, James Bond was the same person at the end of a film that he was at the beginning.  Did Adam West’s Batman ever grow or develop?  If you think that World War Z should be exempt from such exemptions, I’d like to remind you that it’s a freakin’ zombie movie.

Pitt’s character was more of the vehicle to take the view on the world tour of Zombie World. Some reviewer said that World War Z was more like a video game story where the characters move from location to location the way a BioWare game moves.  And that works for this film.  In a lot of ways, World War Z is pretending to be a hero-driven narrative, but it’s also trying (and probably failing) to capture some spirit of the source material.  Having Brad Pitt move up through the different game levels is a possible to try this.

I do agree that the ending was a big problem.  One would’ve thought that the mechanics brought in to fix the thing (Drew Goddard and Damon Lindelof, both of whom you love from Lost) could’ve done a better job.  Instead of an ending with a bang, the film’s big moment is Brad Pitt walking down a hallway. It’s the equivalent of the original Star Wars film ending with the Millennium Falcon delivering Princess Leia to the Rebel Alliance and the destruction of the Death Star tacked-on as an epilogue.

It would’ve been more fun if the getting the vaccination was tied to a big, emotional fight for Brad Pitt.  Like, say, there was an outbreak on Nova Scotia where Pitt’s family was staying.  Then, he’s got to swing in and rescue them while delivering the vaccine idea to the authorities.  But I guess money was an issue, and they had this big, Russian fight scene to fit in.

If you like epic video games, this is probably a movie you enjoyed.  If you like zombie films, this probably wasn’t the movie for you.  If you like Brad Pitt, you probably thought his hair was funny.  (And if you’re a super nerd, you’d be wondering how the cute Israel chick found a baseball bat in Wales).


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