Friday Night Links – 10 May 2013

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Your weekly round-up from around the interweb.

U.S. Department of Justice doesn’t think it needs a warrant to read your email.  From CNET:

The Justice Department’s disinclination to seek warrants for private files stored on the servers of companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft continued even after a federal appeals court in 2010 ruled that warrantless access to e-mail violates the Fourth Amendment. A previously unreleased version of an FBI manual (PDF), last updated two-and-a-half years after the appellate ruling, says field agents “may subpoena” e-mail records from companies “without running afoul of” the Fourth Amendment.

Most American’s won’t care, as long as they have the secret to a long, healthy life.

A 105-year-old woman from Richland, Texas says that the key to long life is bacon…

“I love bacon, I eat it everyday,” [Pearl Cantrell] told a reporter for Abilene-based Big Country Homepage in April. “I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say.”

There’s a different sort of immortality for Laura Thornhill Caswell,

a girl from the 70′s who was a fashion icon, a girl who skated like the wind and had the grace and style to make you stop and look, and look again. She spun 360 after 360 while the boys watched in awe, she rode before it was the “popular” thing to do, she practiced freestyle routines in the hot summer sun, she traveled with the  boys from contest to contest up and down the coast of Southern California instead of going to prom, shopping at the mall or any other of those  other “popular” girl activities. If you are a girl and skate now,  she is one of the women who paved the way for you.

And though the 4th Amendment may be taking some hits, the 2nd Amendment has a new friend:



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