What I’m Reading: Suicide Risk #1

May 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

In the land of comic books, brand new series start every week.  It’s a good thing;  the sheer volume of creativity that the comic book industry brings every month is something to marvel at.  But number ones are often something a reader has to suffer through, tons of set-up and world-building before we can get to the meat of the story.  This kind of issue number one works well when it’s part of  a longer trade paperback, but if you’re buying a title monthly (or especially bi-monthly, Jupiter’s Legacy) it takes a lot of faith to be compelled to pick up issue number two.

Suicide Risk #1, written by Mike Carey (The Unwrittenwith art by Elena Casagrande, suffers from none of those problems.  This story of superheroes outnumbered by hundreds of supervillains establishes its characters and world with a bang, beginning in the midst of a battle between villains and regular joe cops.  “Normal” is as bad as it can get for the police officer protagonist, and the “exposition” is pretty dramatic.

Suicide Risk #1 is written the way a new series should begin: leaving you excited to read #2.

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