WTF, New 52?

April 29, 2013 § 3 Comments

April’s almost over, which (I believe) means we’ve see the last of the DC Comic’s New 52 WTF gatefold covers. And they were pretty lame. This kind of gimmicky crap reminds me of the silver foil covers that Marvel and Image used to put out in the 90’s, about the time I stopped buying monthly comics. (I started again eventually, but only after the lame-ass Spider Island storyline ended.)

There must be people at DC who know better than to try to push comic book sales with this crap. Story is king. Great art is great to look at, but if you want me to buy your title next month, give the pictures a story to hang on.

And the cover folds open to reveal…

… Beowulf?

I guess that one is a WTF? moment, but that doesn’t make it a comic worth reading.


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§ 3 Responses to WTF, New 52?

  • wwayne says:

    I agree about the fact that these gatefold covers are the umpteenth publicity stunt DC has been churning out since the reboot started.
    At the beginning I decided not to support the Before Watchmen franchise, because I think that DC created it not because Watchmen left some things left unspoken, but simply because DC wanted to exploit one of their biggest successes. I saw the Before Watchmen line as another obvious and pathetic publicity stunt.
    And then I went to a convention. While I was doing the line at the DC stand, I saw Before Watchmen: The Minutemen # 1 on the shelf near to the cash desk, so I picked it up and gave it a look. I was so lucky to bump into it: it had an old fashioned style that immediately talked to my heart.
    So far Minutemen and Dollar Bill are the only Before Watchmen comics I bought, and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them, especially Dollar Bill. Perhaps they are the best things DC has been publishing since the reboot started, along with Animal Man and Vibe.
    Another good example of publicity stunt is the return of Carrie Kelley. She’s related to one of the best comics ever made, so, now that DC decided to make her come back, I don’t think she will be a wallflower: even if Tomasi said that she’s not exactly the new Robin, I’m sure (and I do hope) she will be strongly present in Batman’s life from now on. How do you feel about her return? And which role is she going to play in Batman’s life, in your opinion?

    • Lewis says:

      I admit I’ve stayed away from Before Watchmen, but I’m sure the creatives who took on those projects did their best to make them something worth reading. I’ll at least get Ozymandias, art by Jae Lee, in trade paperback.

      As for Carrie Kelley, her “return” played out like a side story to Damian’s death. Her wearing of the Robin costume seems like more of an homage than foreshadowing.

      • wwayne says:

        I’ve heard great things about the Comedian miniseries too (a reviewer I trust described it as full of delightful historical and cultural references), and that’s why I ordered the Comedian/Rorschach TP. Thank you for your reply! : )

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