Friday Night Links 26 April 2013

April 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

This week’s oddities from your interweb.

Not concerned about human extinction? You should be… You should be…

Dr Bostrom believes we’ve entered a new kind of technological era with the capacity to threaten our future as never before. These are “threats we have no track record of surviving”… Likening it to a dangerous weapon in the hands of a child, he says the advance of technology has overtaken our capacity to control the possible consequences. —BBC News

Basically, Iron Man could bring about the end of human life.

The way to integrate the Extremis concept for Iron Man with modern neuroscience is to create an interface through the skin using the basic concepts of regenerative medicine… Tissue would be extracted from the person for whom the interface is being created, the appropriate cells (neurons in this case) would be isolated and cultivated. In vitro the process would continue with proliferation of the neurons but in a targeted way using a tissue scaffold to direct and shape the growth. After shaping by mechanical and electrical stimulation, these artificially integrated tissues would then be implanted back into the user. —E. Paul Zehr

Are you scared yet?  Larry Fessenden tells you why.

Check out my horror comic MetaMorphosis! War is Hell. Home is worse.


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