Sci-(Non)Fi: Get Tickets to Mars Here!

April 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Feel like taking a trip to Mars?  BBC reports on Dutch non-profit Mars One that’s looking to colonize Mars using existing technology – and they want to use reality tv to help them .

Future explorers take note. Applicants must be resilient, adaptable, resourceful and must work well within a team. The whole project will be televised, from the reality TV style selection process, to landing and beyond.

The catch is that Mars One’s ticket to the Red Planet is one-way.  The theory is that adaptation to Martian gravity will make it extremely difficult to re-adapt to Earth gravity.  And without the Van Allen Belt protecting Mars from solar radiation the way it protects the Earth, you’ll probably get cancer and die before you could come back anyway.

Mars One is not yet accepting applications, but if you want to join the thousands who have already sent in their resumes, check their website for more info!

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