Friday Night Links 12 Apr 2013

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Matthew McAlister thinks that no one reads Simenon anymore  (and he blames the class system).

He craved fame, craved the celebrity that came with prizes. But whatever Faulkner and Hemingway thought of his work, it was spurned by prize committees and critics, who felt that he wrote for the “common people.” Simenon was not only fine with that characterization, he was proud of it.

CBR talks about where to take the future of comics.

The increasingly loud voice is presenting an upstart opinion that comics are cool, they are smart, they are imaginative, they are creative, they are daring. That voice is followed by a second voice not as loud saying that comics aren’t just superheroes. That voice needs to be just as loud as the first. Given enough time, those two voices will be heard and internalized by enough people that it will be just as culturally established as the “comics are for kids” mantra that sprung from the 1950s.

PoliceOne’s gun control survey gets the expert opinion.

Contrary to what the mainstream media and certain politicians would have us believe, police overwhelmingly favor an armed citizenry, would like to see more guns in the hands of responsible people, and are skeptical of any greater restrictions placed on gun purchase, ownership, or accessibility.

And don’t miss superheroine documentary Wonder Women, airing on Independent Lens this Monday, April 15th!



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