MOCCA Arts Fest 2013

April 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

What’s MOCCA Arts Fest?  Imagine Comic-Con without the video games, without cosplay, movies, or cable tv show promotions, and finally, without Marvel or DC.  What you have left are comics, pure and simple.  Among the tables for the likes of Top Shelf, Fantagraphics, and Oni Press, there were dozens of independent artists and small presses waiting to be discovered.  (They brought an awful lot of silk-screened art for some reason.)

I got to meet Judy Hansen, literary agent and former deputy publisher at Kitchen Sink Press (they did tons of Will Eisner stuff back in the day), and I stopped by Noelle Stevenson’s table.  Noelle creates my favorite new webcomic Nimona. Less than a year old, the webcomic is about a shapeshifting girl who becomes an evil villain’s sidekick, but in this cartoon-y world, she changes the game by actually killing people.

She doesn’t look like a ruthless killer…

Not being hugely into video games and cosplay, and liking small press comics as much as I like the Big Two, MOCCA Fest was a better experience for me than Comic-Con has been for a long time.  Less hoopla, more art.  Check out the MOCCA Arts Fest the next time it comes around!


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