Friday Night Links – 5 Apr 2013

April 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Highlights from around the interweb.

Proust and Swann’s Way 100 years later.

Among some preparatory notes and character sketches, we see Proust ask fundamental questions about his work, then in its embryonic stage, such as “should it be a novel,” or a “philosophical essay,” and, more to the heart of the matter, “am I a novelist?”

Graphic Policy takes a monthly look at who the comic book fans on Facebook are.  Who knew?

Facebook Comic Book Fan Population: Over 3,841,200 in the United States

That’s a decrease of about 20,000 fans over the past month. Not a huge shift at all. Spanish speakers decreased slightly, to 182,540 fans, 4.75%…

A dragon-shaped bridge that breathes fire?  I need one for my kitchen!

Don’t tailgate, or else!

And because the ninjas in G.I. Joe Retaliation didn’t have enough nunchaku, a portly Greek guy who could hurt your feelings with one:


Be sure to check out MetaMorphosismy horror webcomic about a veteran who wakes up one morning transformed into a zombie!


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