Über #0

April 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

WWII super beings?  Alternative Nazi histories?  Battlefields strewn with human entrails?

They’re all things you’ve seen before.  But who cares?  Über #0 written by Kieron Gillon (Young Avengers) and draw by Caanan White is pretty freakin’ cool.  Issue #0 sets the stage with the Allies bearing down on Berlin, and (nearly) everyone involved believing that Allied victory will come any day.  Then, the Nazis unleash their superheroes.

Like Avatar’s best-known title Crossed, the title is brutal, with no limits on the sex and violence.  But what makes the content mature is more than gore and nudity;  the characters face nothing but moral ambiguity.  Not every Nazi is an evil villain, and not every Allied soldier is an angel.  Like in real war, combatants have to decide if they’re going to be “good” or if they’re going to stay alive.

Overall, the art is great.  The character designs for the super beings is a subtle adaptation of period dress.  My only criticism would be that some of the characters look too similar, and I found myself mixing them up.

I recommend you check it out – if you can find a copy.  Word from Bleeding Cool is that it’s print run is sold out.

If you got your hands on this cover, I am jealous.


For a take on soldiers and monsters by someone who’s been to war, be sure to check out my horror webcomic MetaMorphosis!



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