What’s an Iron Man?

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You might be excited about Iron Man 3, opening this weekend, but the comic book movie sequel I’m waiting for is Red 2.

It looks much better than that other old guy action movie sequel, The Expendables 2.  Opens in August.


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WTF, New 52?

April 29, 2013 § 3 Comments

April’s almost over, which (I believe) means we’ve see the last of the DC Comic’s New 52 WTF gatefold covers. And they were pretty lame. This kind of gimmicky crap reminds me of the silver foil covers that Marvel and Image used to put out in the 90’s, about the time I stopped buying monthly comics. (I started again eventually, but only after the lame-ass Spider Island storyline ended.)

There must be people at DC who know better than to try to push comic book sales with this crap. Story is king. Great art is great to look at, but if you want me to buy your title next month, give the pictures a story to hang on.

And the cover folds open to reveal…

… Beowulf?

I guess that one is a WTF? moment, but that doesn’t make it a comic worth reading.


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Friday Night Links 26 April 2013

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This week’s oddities from your interweb.

Not concerned about human extinction? You should be… You should be…

Dr Bostrom believes we’ve entered a new kind of technological era with the capacity to threaten our future as never before. These are “threats we have no track record of surviving”… Likening it to a dangerous weapon in the hands of a child, he says the advance of technology has overtaken our capacity to control the possible consequences. —BBC News

Basically, Iron Man could bring about the end of human life.

The way to integrate the Extremis concept for Iron Man with modern neuroscience is to create an interface through the skin using the basic concepts of regenerative medicine… Tissue would be extracted from the person for whom the interface is being created, the appropriate cells (neurons in this case) would be isolated and cultivated. In vitro the process would continue with proliferation of the neurons but in a targeted way using a tissue scaffold to direct and shape the growth. After shaping by mechanical and electrical stimulation, these artificially integrated tissues would then be implanted back into the user. —E. Paul Zehr

Are you scared yet?  Larry Fessenden tells you why.

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[UPDATE: Something happened to the images I originally linked to, so here are some other images, similar to what I originally posted.]

I found this great website Canuxploitation, which calls itself the complete guide to Canadian B-movies.  I always knew about the Ginger Snaps films and the work of Cronenberg, but I hadn’t realized classics like The Changeling or The Gate were Canadian.  The website has a pretty sweet collection of reviews and links to movie posters [similar to] these:

Pretty awesome, eh?

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MetaMorphosis Updates

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Attack of the Copies

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Oblivion stars Tom Cruise, who does well in the action genre and whose few sci fi films (War of the Worlds, Minority Report) have been excellent. Though Oblivion isn’t any less in quality, director Joseph Kosinski, best known for his Gears of War trailers, highlights something lacking in the film that’s also lacking in nearly every sci-fi video game that’s ever been made: originality. « Read the rest of this entry »

What I’m Reading: Punk Rock Jesus

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Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus came out as a mini series from Vertigo last year, and having read it in trade paperback, I feel like I’m late to the party. It’s not the game changer that the jacket blurbs call it, but PRJ is finally a comic that tries to say something new. « Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Night Links 19 April 2013

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This week, from around the internet.

Will the real Franz Kafka please stand up?

Kafka’s genius is easily snatched for misappropriation because it asserts itself in shadows. A vision of existence as seemingly cryptic and complex as Kafka’s inevitably becomes a strip of flypaper to catch any interpretation that buzzes by it.

Doing anything is NOT just as good as doing something effective.

The Founding Fathers worried that “some common impulse of passion” might lead many to subvert the rights of the few. It’s a rational fear, one that is played out endlessly. Obama, who understands how to utilize public passion better than most, flew some of the Newtown families to Washington for a rally, imploring Americans to put “politics” aside and stop engaging in “political stunts.”

Dehli rape inspires a chastity belt upgrade.

After talking to women living in hostels about their experiences of harassment – called Eve-teasing in India – [students at SRM University in Chennai] developed a bra designed to deliver a 3800kv electric shock to any would-be rapist, enough to cause severe burns.

Replace your limbs with Legos.

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The Most Power Rifle In the World

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In light of the failure of the senate to pass new gun control measures, I offer you a clip of the world’s most powerful rifle.


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Sci-(Non)Fi: Get Tickets to Mars Here!

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Feel like taking a trip to Mars?  BBC reports on Dutch non-profit Mars One that’s looking to colonize Mars using existing technology – and they want to use reality tv to help them . « Read the rest of this entry »

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