New MetaMorphosis Post!

March 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Check out the newest page of MetaMorphosis!

Early drafts of the comic were aimed at following the “widescreen” comic book format that’s been so popular in American comics, and this is one of the few pages left that follows that style.  I’m claiming more of a manga influence on the bulk of the book, despite the larger format of my pages.  Paul Pope, who’s worked at both Kodanshan and DC/Vertigo, describes the difference in the language of these two schools of sequential art:

Early on in my career I was much more conscious of the story structure learned from Western comics guys like Hugo Pratt or the work of the classic American cartoonists like Milton Caniff. But those are not emotionally engaged visual storytelling styles. One of the key elements of manga is the emphasis on the character’s reactions and the psychology expressed visually in the story. Bob Shreck, my editor at DC Comics, says that American comics are focused on a destination, while manga is interested in the journey.

At least that’s what I’m trying to do.  So far the characters haven’t been as cartoony as manga characters, and though they won’t have the Betty Boop big eyes, you can expect them to get more expressive.

Thanks for reading!


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