comiXology Submit Opens!

March 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

ComiXology is open for submissions!

The comic book shop in the cloud is now open to submissions of indie comics.  It’s still a work in progress, but it looks like it’s aiming to be for online comics what CreateSpace is for books.

My understanding is that ebook formats were never great for comics because of how big image files are.  Comixology (and others) keep the comics in the cloud, which fixes that problem.  Comixology’s “Guided View” ™, which moves the screen to each panel, is another of the great innovations of their site and application.

I read most of my comics in print.  (I like seeing the layouts – and I’m kind of a Luddite.)  But I try out a lot of titles or get back issues on comiXology, and if you don’t have a good comic shop near you, you can’t beat the internet for convenience.  If you’re new to comics, comiXology is an easy and affordable way to get started, and I have to support any company whose mission includes: “comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the planet has become a comic book fan.”


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