Don’t Watch My Video on Youtube

February 8, 2013 § 1 Comment

So, I realized that ads were somehow covering up my short film “The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh.”  A little bit of investigation showed some ridiculousness going on in the world wide webiness, specifically in the realm of copyright claim.

The Harry Fox Agency, “the premier mechanical licensing agent and provider of rights administration services in the U.S.” placed a copyright dispute on “Howard Nimh” due to my use of “Nocturne No. 4 in E Flat” by Frederic Chopin – not the performance, but the actual composition itself.  Chopin died in 1849, and if somebody still has a copyright on that piece, there needs to be some serious review of copyright laws.

Basically, somebody used HFA to claim copyright on a Chopin composition and license it to Youtube.  So whenever anyone uses that composition on that website, even if it’s a recording of them playing it themselves, ads appear, and that ad revenue goes to Youtube, Harry Fox Agency and whomever had the gaul to say he’d written “Nocturne No. 4 in E Flat.”

Bottom line: somebody other than the creators of “Howard Nimh” has been making money off of the film.

I’ll keep the short up for now, but I’m going to stop posting on Youtube; and I want you to watch my video on Vimeo.


Preview Metamorphosis!

February 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

See a preview of Metamorphosis here!

Metamorphosis is a horror comic about a teenage girl whose brother wakes up one morning transformed into a zombie.  Unable to let him starve to death, she begins luring young men into her family’s suburban house so he can eat them.

Metamorphosis is a work-in-progress planned as a mini series of five issues (or a graphic novel of roughly 100 pages).

Click the image below for the first ten pages.  (Please wait a minute for the pages to load.)  I can be reached at for comments or questions.  There’s a little bit more information on comic book here.

Thanks for reading!


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