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by Lewis

Yes, I know reading FOM on this site sucks.  I’m leaving the links to the pdf’s up, but I created a new website for Fistful of Metal using Smack Jeeves.  The image resolution is a little lower, but site navigation is ideal for reading webcomics.

Most of the titles on Smack Jeeves are pretty amateur, but you can find some professional work in there, too.  The selection is kinda huge, and most seem to be drawn in manga style.

I also tried a different process, drawing each panel separately, then scanning them in and using a publishing program to cut and paste the page together.  Drawing everything separately allowed me to get a lot more detail into the illustration, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

If you’re already on Smack Jeeves, or if you join, don’t forget to “favorite” Fistful of Metal!

Thanks for reading!


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