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August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here are a couple of the props we’ve put together for our short film The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh:

This is the micro drive we’re putting on the side of the head of the actor playing Howard.

A micro drive is basically a flash drive on steroids.  For the short film we’ve envisioned one that can be jacked into a person’s brain.  There’s a USB port on one side so the micro drive can be linked to a computer.  I guess the wi-fi model was too expensive for Howard.

The above is the NIMH II, a hybrid computer that’s central to the film’s story.  The liquid is supposed to be the analog component.

 The computer case we built on is an old heap from the 90’s or something.  It’s beige.  (We need to thank Melissa’s tech support for the donation of that antique.)

We just have a couple more production meetings and we’re ready to shoot.  Production is scheduled for one day, Sunday, August 7th.  We’ll post some stills in the coming weeks.

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