What I’m Watching: Sabotage

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For the record, David Ayer’s Sabotage is definitely worth seeing.  The plot is over-the-top, as are the characters and the gore, but the film is a (mostly) sincere police thriller that doesn’t devolve into an “Arnold Schwarzenegger film” until the very last scene.  Arnold is good in his role as the salty, old leader of a DEA special ops team, and the rest of the cast is friggin’ amazing.  Mireille Enos (The Killing) really stands out as a drugged-out wild banshee, and I really like Olivia Williams (Dollhouse) carrying a pistol.

There’s been a lot of press calling this movie a flop, and though it’s not fair to compare it to the successes of Arnold’s heyday, compared to more recent, similar films, Sabotage still had a pretty weak opening.  But we don’t measure success in dollars, and with the gore on horror-movie levels and some of the best small unit tactics I’ve seen on film in years (suck it Zero-Dark Thirty), Sabotage has the makings of a cult film favorite.

Hercules Trailer

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I love The Rock, who stars.

I got mad props for Steve Moore, who wrote the comic book.

I don’t really like the work of Brett Ratner, who directs.

Verdict: With Brett Ratner having a history of taking great comic books and great actors and making a crappy (but admittedly profitable) movie (I’m talking about X-Men: The Last Stand), I’ll read the comic book and watch the movie when it plays for free on Netflix.

High Geek Art

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Stop-motion of the creation of a Captain Marvel (Shazam) collage made from Captain Marvel comics:

There are more to check out at the Comic Relief Etsy page.  They’re all pretty cool.  I think purple speedos Hulk is my favorite.

What I’m Reading: 100 Years of Moomin

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Well, 100 years of Tove Jansson, anyway.

This year Finland is celebrating the centenary of Tove Jansson’s birth.  I’m not sure what you’re doing to celebrate it, but I’m going to re-read all the Moomin books that I’ve got and probably finally get around to reading The Summer Book.

If you don’t know about the oddities called Moomins or the genius of Tove Jansson, Drawn and Quarterly has done a great job reprinting the Moomin books over the last few years.  I also recommend this BBC News piece that draws the parallels between Tove Jansson’s life and her most famous creations.  (I’m not usually into this kind of literary analysis, but the piece says a lot about her life that I didn’t know about.)

And yes, there was the Moomin TV show:


The Trees Are Coming!

February 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

Through his newsletter, Warren Ellis has confirmed that he and Scatterlands collaborator Jason Howard are working on an Image title called Trees.

According to Ellis’ newsletter:

I’m finishing issue 4 today — Jason’s doing layouts on the first half while I fix a sticking point in the last half, and that’ll go out tonight or tomorrow. By the time May rolls around, we should have six complete lettered coloured issues in the can. We’ve been working on it since the early autumn of 2013, after all.

Plot-wise, it sounds like a bunch of trees have invaded Earth. Kind of like Triffids.  But more subtle.  And not real.

There’s more on the Ellis/Howard project at CBR.

RIP Harold Ramis, 1944-2014

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New Amazonia Clip!

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A new clip from Amazonia, a film I’m producing directed by Juan Vallejo.

Paloma, the girl in the clip, is 3-years-old.

AMAZONIA CLIP – #4 Jugando – Fast Learning in the Amazon – San Martin, Amazonas, Colombia, PISCO FILMS from Juan Vallejo on Vimeo.


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Trancendence v. Howard Nimh

February 19, 2014 § 1 Comment

So, when you watch that Johnny Depp movie about the first person to download his mind into a computer, just remember that I made mine first.

Okay, I know there’s no way that this Johnny Depp movie copied my movie, but I’m claiming the similarities as evidence of the Transmorphic Field (a kind of “telepathic-type” field that everyone’s a part of.  Watch Torchwood).

Check out The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh!

The Unlikely Mind of Howard Nimh from Lewis Manalo on Vimeo.

Guardians Teaser Trailer!

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Via Nerdist:

Why do actors always buff-up for roles now?  Remember when they used to get fat for roles?

Unforgiven With Katana

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Chanbara (samurai) movies remade as Westerns, Westerns remade as chanbara… To my memory it’s been a while, and this remake of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven is long overdue.

Damn, that looks awesome.


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